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  1. Ancient Connections Light-Boats

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    Light-Boats  Join Tracy Breathnach on Whitesands Beach to add more light to the lengthening day as we co-create a simple creative ceremony Sunday 26th March 2 – 5 pm   You will create a palm-sized clay boat, filled with a tiny bundle of native plants, shells and pebbles along with your thoughts, prayers and wishes for those who were buried at this site and for all those who have arrived and departed on this beach throughout history. We will join our boats together with lights to form a circular wave that contains us. The event will end with some Authentic Movement from Tracy and singing.     All materials will be provided, no making skills required. Please dress appropriately for the weather.    

    The event will run throughout the afternoon 2-5pm, you can book a 1-hr slot from 2-3 pm, 3-4 pm, or 4-5 pm.   Families with children are welcome to take part. Please add a ticket for every individual in your family. All children must be supervised by an adult.     Let us gather together to honour the people of this place, along with the people in our own histories who have made long journeys, in physical, mental or emotional ways, to bear us.     Let us create a container of light together that can hold us for a brief time.  
    To book – click here
  2. Coronation Champions Award

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    The Royal Voluntary Service is celebrating volunteers with the Coronation Champions Award 2023. The Awards celebrate the work of extraordinary volunteers across the UK. For more details and to nominate your Coronation Champion – click here

  3. Citizen of the Year Award

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    Details on how to nominate for the Mayors Citizen of the Year Award.

  4. Government Consultation

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    A 12-week GB-wide consultation launched Tuesday 7 March which seeks views on the government’s proposals to require all bird keepers to register their birds and update their information annually.

    At present, all poultry keepers in Great Britain are encouraged to record the details of their flock with the Animal and Health Plant Agency (APHA) poultry register, but only those who keep 50 birds or more, are required by law to do so.

    New proposed rules will require all bird keepers, no matter how many birds they keep, to register their birds and update their information on an annual basis. This includes owners of backyard flocks, birds of prey and pigeon fanciers. This will enable the government to communicate with poultry keepers quickly, to manage potential disease outbreaks, such as avian influenza, and limit the spread. By registering their birds, keepers will ensure they receive important information on biosecurity rules to help protect their flocks from the threat of avian influenza.

    Details on this consultation can be found here. We would be very grateful if you could share this information with your colleagues and members.

  5. Appeal for local communities and volunteers to help with Operation Nightingale 23

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    Do you have any spare time to support people who are well enough to return home from hospital but who still need a little help to get back on their feet? 

    Could you help with things like shopping, dog walking, light housework, and collecting prescriptions?  Or maybe you could give someone a lift home from hospital, or simply be on the end of a phone for a friendly chat to check people are doing OK? 

    These are just a few examples of specific ways in which members of the public can volunteer their help with Operation Nightingale 23 – an emergency social care campaign launched by Pembrokeshire County Council and partners to reduce the current pressure in local hospitals.

    For further details and how to apply click this link.

  6. New Wildflower Meadow

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    Pembrokeshire County Council have established a new 700 square metre wildflower meadow at the beginning of the Marine Walk in Fishguard in front of St Teresa’s Rest Home. The work was funded through the Welsh Government Places for Nature funding. This is a start on increasing biodiversity in towns in the county which will benefit wildlife and increase the wellbeing of residents and visitors. The Town Council, in collaboration with PCC, would like to do more sites like this in 2023. If you have any ideas of suitable locations whether large or small, please contact Cllr. Jim Morgan at

  7. Safety at home.

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    During the first half of January 2023 alone, Mid and West Wales Fire and Rescue Service has attended several smoke and carbon monoxide alarm related incidents.

    The Fire and Rescue Service is issuing a reminder on the importance of installing and regularly checking smoke and carbon monoxide alarms.The effects of carbon monoxide poisoning can often be overlooked or mistaken.  The common symptoms of carbon monoxide poisoning include dizziness, tiredness, headaches, nausea and generally feeling unwell. It is often mistaken for something else such as a hangover, a common cold, flu and now Covid-19. The elderly and the very young are particularly vulnerable.

    Home Fire Safety and Station Manager, Wayne Thomas, says:

    “With the cost-of-living crisis affecting everyone, many people may have delayed servicing their gas appliances such, as boilers and gas fires, due to not having the financial means to have the work carried out.

    We strongly recommend that you maintain the servicing of appliances and make sure you have a working carbon monoxide detector in your property, which is fitted following the manufacturer’s guidance.”

    Mid and West Wales Fire and Rescue Service has been delivering home fire safety information checks for many years, as well as Safe and Well visits since 2018.  A Safe and Well visit covers topics such as home security, falls prevention and tackling loneliness and isolation.

    Should anyone have concerns regarding safety issues in their homes, a free Safe and Well visit can be arranged by calling 0800 169 1234 or visiting our website.

  8. Hywel Dda Community Health Council

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    As well as their monthly newsletter, the Council has also published the results of their survey into what the public thinks of A&E Departments. Follow the Links below:

    Newsletter – click here

    Survey results – click here

  9. Further Train Disruption

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    Transport for Wales have announced further industrial action in December and January. Please check before travelling by train. Details can be found on the TfW website at:

  10. Help & support for unpaid carers.

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    Are you an unpaid carer? Do you look after a a relative, friend or neigbour giving support they cannot manage without? A new website has been launched giving help and advise for all unpaid carers. Follow this link to the website: