An anti-plastic revolution?

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More and more people are beginning to protest about the increasing tide of plastic and unnecessary (and unwanted) excess packaging in supermarkets. There is more and more awareness of the devastating impact plastic has on our oceans and wildlife. Take a look at these two new Facebook groups who are trying do do something to stem this flow of plastic:

Plastic Ocean F&G
Their information states:
“This group has been created to help promote plastic awareness in Fishguard & Goodwick, Pembrokeshire. Please share any info, articles etc to help make people more aware of plastic in our oceans.”

Click here to visit their page

Unpack and Give it Back
Their information reads:
“A page to promote the launch of ‘Unpack and Give it Back’ on 25th January . Lots of people doing it on one day will have more impact.”

Click here to visit their page

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