Good Fish Community Action Group

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Cliff Benson from the Seatrust hosted a meeting in the Ocean Lab last night (29/1/18) with the aim of setting up a community action group. The main purpose of the group is to maximise the harbour fronts of both Goodwick and Fishguard for the benefit of our community and businesses. The meeting was well attended with over 30 people there. There was a huge amount of enthusiasm and many inspiring ideas. One of the most urgent matters is to obtain the lease from Pembrokeshire County Council for the Ocean Lab itself. This is currently held by Conygar but that expires at the end of March. Mr Benson is due to hold a meeting with Goodwicks’ county councillor next week.

If you could not attend the meeting but are interested in helping you can email Mr Benson at:
seatrustwales or go to the Seatrust Facebook page at Seatrust

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